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Our Approach
bullet Our Technology

Our transaction processes use a robust and secure technology platform for data migration. All ventures of OSI work on FTA and VPN platform to access the source documents. OSI data servers are placed in Server farms in US ensuring that there are no financial data movements from US to India. This technology is, therefore, US Law Compliant.

bullet Professional Staffing

OSI thoroughly screens all candidates ensuring they hire only the best and the brightest. The aim is to recruit team members who have the highest professional and competence and integrity. We have a well defined process for recruitment, which includes written tests on various subjects.

bullet Training

All OSI team members working receive extensive domain knowledge training with periodic upgradation modules. In addition to standard classroom training, OSI team members are provided with hands–on experience with the help of case studies before they are sent to the production floor. Team members go through periodic updates . Management and related modules are also conducted to widen the capabilities and skills of all team members.

bullet Security

Security and confidentiality of client data is of paramount importance at OSI. Security policies have been put in place to ensure confidentiality of data at all levels.

  • Physical Security: A 3-tiered security approach is followed at OSI facilities. All team members / visitors are required to carry access /identification cards. At the second level security guards screen the persons accessing the facility. All bags, cameras are checked into a storage area upon entry. There is no printing, fax, or email capability to ensure that no sensitive data leaves the facility.

  • Data Security: In order to be host country law compliant, OSI ensures that there is no movement of data from the US / UK servers and the processed data is archived on those servers.

  • Network Security: OSI works on FTP and VPN platform for viewing and dispatching processed data. At the processing facility also there is a segmented LAN behind firewalls. All processors have an encrypted key based access to their systems and the central server in the US.

  • Desktop Security: Every processor has individual domain accounts. They can access their part of source information only. There are no fax and printing capabilities allotted at the processing site. Even the systems which processors use do not have floppy and CD drives. All systems used in processing are denied email and web access. All systems are secured by anti virus software that is regularly updated.



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