Frequently asked questions

You Can directly visit our website or drop us an email.!

You can expect a reply in 4 hours from us and with a 24 hours time of resolution of the ticket.

You can Make A Payment Using your banking or you can use credit or debit cards.

Ofcourse we are we only work on quality and customer satisfaction.

We keep our clients updated through email support and you are informed on end of day with all the latest updates.

You can visit our office and our physical website as well or you can always write us an email and we can give you a demo.

If you are with an it consultant you are always with us and you can get an instant resolution.

First, write down any error messages and get screen shots if you can. Next, try to recreate the problem. Then close all programs and restart the computer. 

it is resolved in the given period of time.

A unique programming specialist is introduced on your gadget to enable our professionals to give remote help administrations and gather important data about your PC. It’s a collaboration! To keep ticket handling proficient, if three endeavors to get in touch with you go unanswered amid the ticket life cycle, the ticket will be shut. You may revive the ticket whenever.


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 Help us, Help you. The more point by point you are in your ticket accommodation, the speedier your issue can be unraveled. Here and there the specialist can even research and potentially even determination your issue before getting back to you back.